As opposed to today’s modern large quantity wine production, our winemaking is very different and unique: we use traditional, manual technologies to care for our vineyard, to pick the grapes and to clean them.

The picked and stemmed grapes are kept on a bed, only un-pressed, pure grape juice goes into the barrels for fermentation. Fermentation takes place in the cellars carved out by our grandfathers decades ago in the belly of the Villány and Somló hills. The natural fermentation process is monitored daily, multiple drawing and tasting guarantee that it is bottled in the most perfect moment. The bottled wine is kept in the cellar until it is sold in order to give it the most ideal climate for subsequent maturing, and by this we can offer special freshness of our products when they reach our customers. In our selection of wines we provide the best quality not only in processing the grape and making the wine, but also in packaging these excellent wines in order to guarantee a lasting stability of the taste, the magic of fruity flavours and a long-lasting wine. Our wines are put into our own, special shape, translucent and temperature preserving bottles which are given super high quality, treated cork stoppers. The unique labelling and the capsule form provide a special and exclusive appearance to our wine.