We recommend it to those who love sour taste and to those who like sweet taste as well because this fruit juice is an excellent in-between taste. Its unmistakable aroma is an excellent thirst quencher in all seasons. It goes very well with practically all kinds of food including sweets, but just by itself too, it is a popular energizing beverage. It is one of the most ancient fruits on Earth and has always been present in the history of mankind; we are aware of numerous positive effects it has on our health.

Vitamin (A,B,C,K) and mineral (iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, biotin, folic acid) contents prove to be strong anti-oxidant, cleanse the veins, help in preventing the aging of the cells, the glucose content vitalizes and energizes. It is also recommended to people doing hard physical work and to athletes.