The uniqueness of Nahalko wines lies in the blend of old standing Hungarian winemaking traditions with the taste and from that satisfy the most up-to-date demands and wishes of our times.

Our Company is a family business producing exclusive wine specialities. We have land for small scale manual cultivation in two important and traditional wine regions in Hungary – in Villány and in Nagy-Somló. Our grandparents’ love of the vineyards, working with vine and winemaking were vital experiences in our childhood. As we grew up we understood and now we firmly believe that the Villány region with its limy scablands produced gentle acidy yet fruity aroma, and the intensive dominating acidy tastes given by the special micro-climate of the Somló hill and the volcanic rocks are very special. The totality of these experiences and sensations and the love of special and unique wines motivated us to offer our wine outside of family and friends too, to make Hungarian and foreign lovers of exclusively unique wines taste the very best of the region’s wines; we offer small quantities but exceptionally special wines to them.