Keeping and caring for traditions, creating something unique and sticking firmlyto the highest quality are key elements in every stage of our activities.

We monitor every year the development of the types of grapes that produce excellent quality with the experts working with us and family members. Ours are typically small holdings,where grapes are cultivated manually with the greatest care, focusing on quality and not on quantity. Wines born from the care of the Nahalkó family always carry the experience of several generations of winemakers, the care of traditional manual cultivation and harvest, and the practically art of fermentation to produce this special world of taste and colour. We shape the final character of our wine by carefully selecting the right time of traditional manual picking, stemming, and removal of injured grapes, as well as through traditional fermentation in oak barrels for nearly a year so that we could pick the exact right time to bottle our wine carrying the special unique features of the Villány and Somló regions, thus satisfying all the demands of our most exclusive customers.