Useful information


Keep it away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. Requires no additional cooling.
Shake well before consumption. Sediments may occur because of the 100% fruit content and because of no filtering.
Keep refrigerated after opening. Consume within three days of opening.
Quality is preserved for one year after bottling.


Recommended temperature is 13-15°C, slightly cooled. If overcooled, the natural aromas cannot be enjoyed.
Small amount of still or sparkling mineral water can be added to taste.
Excellent for making lemonade, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, can also be used to season food and desserts.

Transportation data:

  • Glass bottles with aluminum screw on top.
  • 250 ml or 750 ml
  • 24 bottles 250 ml / cardboard box
  • or 6 bottles, 750 ml/cardboard box
  • 60 cardboard boxes/pallet
Gross mass:
  • 1 bottle 250 ml 432 g
  • 1 cardboard box 10,6 kg
  • 1 pallet 640 kg